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Tubeless, Tire inserts, DH Tires for New Mexico riding. What's Your setup?  


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I have been running a tubeless setup on my mountain bikes for about 10 years now. You could say I was a late adapter of this incredible innovation. However, tubeless tires have changed my riding experience in a great way, and I'm sure you share the sentiment if you run them too. That being said, I have still managed to pinch flat tires over the years, sometimes making for a long day getting off a trail.

For example, last year riding South Boundary trail with a couple friends I ripped a hole in the sidewall of my rear tire about 6 miles from the end of the trail. No biggie, I guess. Booted the hole with some duct tape and inflated the tire. Long story short, I ended up having to stop several times to re inflate the tire and would have resorted to a tube had I remember to bring it...Got down just fine, but had to stop a lot and pump that tire back up. Also had a bad experience pinch flatting my tubeless tire(Specialized Grid Casing) with all my camera gear while on a photography job. Quickly threw a tube in and went about my day, only to pinch flat the tube I left in it the very next day.

Suffice to say, I was intrigued by the tire inserts that came to market recently. The Schwalbe Pro Core system caught my eye since it works like the system on my dirt bike, but seems overly complicated for a MTB and there were lots of negative reviews around. It was the Cush Core that I decided to try this year, and guess what, no pinch flats. I have nearly a full year of riding the Cush Cores on my 2018 transition Scout and have yet to pinch flat. Even when I cased a jump really hard with my back wheel in Angel Fire with enough force to break two spokes, the rim and tire were fine. The tire did go flat unfortunately because one of the broken spokes pushed into the rim breaking the rim tape though. Guess what? I was able to ride the flat tire slowly down the mountain with the Cush Core system.

I know, this post is like a book, but I want to get other's input on what they are using for Angel Fire, Pajarito, or other New Mexico trails. Although I have generally run stronger casing tires, I actually never ran any MAXXIS Double Down casing tires. At 165lbs I used to run around 30psi rear and 25psi front and with Cush Core I run roughly 5 to 8 psi less front and rear. 

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