Michael John Thomas Lee

    MJ | Rio Grand Race Course NM Class 3

    When we crossed paths with Michael John Thomas Lee (MJ for short and @mjkayak on instagram), we knew immediately we needed to get his story on NMMS. MJ was born and raised in Santa Fe New Mexico and spends much of time outdoors. At only 20 years old, he has a huge future ahead of him and sets his own goals very high, his dream job is to is to be a pro kayaker. We had an opportunity to ask MJ a few questions, here is what he had to say…

    NMMS: What all outdoor sports are you into?
    MJ: I am into anything outdoors, but I prefer whitewater kayaking, Mountain Biking and Snowboarding.

    NMMS: When did you get into Kayaking?
    MJ: I got into kayaking about four years ago. I took an intro to kayaking course through (NMKI) New Mexico kayak instruction.

    NMMS: What creek boat do you paddle?
    MJ: The Creek boat I paddle now is 2017 ZET Toro

    NMMS: What play boat do you paddle?
    MJ: I actually don’t own a play boat yet, I typically just borrow a friend’s. I like the Jackson rockstar if i was going to get one.

    NMMS: What’s you favorite creek boat run?
    MJ: As a kayaker who loves creek boating ( this is one of the tougher questions you sent me ), I don’t know if I can really pick one, but I’ll give you my top 2… Vallecito Creek or the Rio Embudo, both creeks are a blast.

    NMMS: What’s your favorite play spot?
    MJ: It always depends on the level, but I would say that my favorite play spot is After Five on the Race Course.

    NMMS: Have you kayaked in other countries?
    MJ: The only country I have paddled in so far is Chile. The first time I went down there it was the first year I started kayaking. The world-class Whitewater there is what really hooked me.

    NMMS: What’s your dream kayak destination?
    MJ: My dream kayak destination is anywhere there’s good flows.

    NMMS: What’s the biggest waterfall you have run and where is it?
    MJ: The biggest waterfall I have ran is 35 feet and it was on the Rio Claro in Chile.

    NMMS: Who is your favorite professional kayaker?
    MJ: My favorite professional kayaker is Tino Specht or Aniol Serrasolses

    NMMS: Tell us about your upcoming trip.
    MJ: My upcoming trip is down in Chile. I will be down there for 60 days or so. Hopefully breaking some of my personal records.

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