Jake Rehfeld

    Jake Rehfeld

    Jake Rehfeld, born and raised right here in Albuquerque NM, definitely has a full plate on his hands. Much of his Jake’s time is spent finishing up clinical rotations for the Occupational Therapy Graduate Program at UNM, but that doesn’t stop him from finding time to hit the trails. “This season has been rough for me in terms of having enough time to ride but I’ve been fairing alright. I also spend quite a bit of time running Heart+Soul Racing, a mountain bike race team here in NM.” With riders all over the country on the team, being the manager and owner of the team takes a lot of his time, but it’s something that is very important to Jake. “It’s honestly one of my favorite things in the world. I’m so stoked when I look at where the team is now and what we all accomplish every year.” You can follow Jake on IG @senditlikefedex
    Here is a little more about Jake:

    NMMS: Age?
    Jake: Physically-29 Mentally…probably like 16?

    NMMS:  What got you into mountain biking?
    Jake: I started my 2-wheeled passion riding dirt bikes and BMX bikes. My friend’s mom bought him this sweet Novara from REI. We took it to the foothills and found the dirt jumps off Indian School…the rest was history.

    NMMS:  Favorite professional rider?
    Jake: This is a tough one…Sam Blenkinsop is definitely up there. His style and ruthlessness on the bike is something I’ve often looked up to. If you say you don’t like Semenuk then we probably shouldn’t be friends. Brendan Fairclough, I mean come on. Remy Morton is also up there. It’s hard to choose. Anyone having fun and spreading the stoke on a bike is solid in my book!

    NMMS: Five Favorite bike trails in NM?
    Bonecrusher- Pajarito
    Hungry Hippo- Angel Fire
    World Cup- Angel Fire
    Tapout- Santa Fe
    South Foothills- Albuquerque

    NMMS: What bike(s) do you ride?
    Jake: Main 3 I ride are:
    Intense M16C
    Intense Carbine
    Deity Cryptkeeper

    NMMS:  Where do you see the sport of mountain biking going in the next 5 years?
    Jake: I’m hopeful to see a resurgence of DH being a big deal here in the USA like it was in the 90’s and early 2000’s. Realistically, enduro is going to continue to grow and be bigger than ever.

    NMMS:  Do you do any other outdoor sports, ski snowboard etc?
    Jake: I love to snowboard. I often have a hard time picking my “favorite” sport but it’s definitely a toss up between the mountain biking and snowboarding. I also ride dirt bikes.

    NMMS:  What competitions/races have you done recently?
    Jake: As stated before, I haven’t had much time to race this season. I raced the BME in Glorieta and a few of the RMRS races but thats about it for this season. Been super bummed to not make any of the Fire5 races.

    NMMS: Whats the craziest thing that’s happened to you so far as a biker/athlete?
    Jake: Haha I’ve got a few good stories. One that comes to mind is when we all took our bikes up to Sandia to bomb down the ski runs under a full moon. Last thing I remember is my friend dropping me off at home. My buddy said he was pinning it on his skis and I passed him doing about 60mph when I went OTB. Cracked my D3 in 2 places. Good times!

    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld
    Jake Rehfeld



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