Khyren Hoskovec

    Photo Cred: Aaron Lovato on the Candyland Trail at Angel Fire

    Khyren Hoskovec (@khyrenh19), an Albuquerque Native, has been mountain biking for the past 4 years. “Well, I’ve been riding bicycles and motorcycles pretty much since I could walk” says Khyren, “but I really didn’t get into mountain biking till I tried DH at Angel Fire Bike Park when I was thirteen.” Khyren took some time from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for us, here’s more from his interview:

    NMMS: Who is your favorite pro rider?
    Khyren: Probably Aaron Gwin, he’s super fast and smooth, and seems like a cool guy. I also got the opportunity to meet Kyle Strait last year and he was super cool.

    NMMS: What are you currently riding?
    Khyren: 2017 Commencal Meta v4.2

    South Foothills, Abq

    NMMS: Where do you see MTB in going in the next several years?
    Khyren: I think enduro is getting more popular where as DH is getting less popular. Also because bike parts and bikes are so expensive, it’ll be harder for younger kids to get into it unless their parents are mountain bikers.

    NMMS: Do you do any other outdoor sports?
    Khyren: Not really, I enjoy being outside and doing outside stuff, like camping and hiking, but biking is the only one I do regularly.

    NMMS: When you’re not on your bike, what are you doing?
    Khyren: Playing guitar, doing school work, and fixing whatever bike parts I broke on the last ride, haha.

    NMMS: What competitions have you done recently?
    Khyren: I’ve been racing the Fire 5 DH race series at Angelfire. Other than that, I haven’t done any competitions or races.

    NMMS: Any interesting stories from your past rides?
    Khyren: Nothing particularly crazy has really happened to me while riding. Actually, opening weekend at Angelfire last year, I was on the World Cup trail on the fire road while there were some muddy spots. I hit one going about 35-40mph and got thrown over the bars. I probably tumbled like 30 feet or so. That was pretty interesting.

    Photo Cred: Shannon Hoskovec at the end of the 4th Fire 5 race at Angel Fire
    Photo Cred: Aaron Lovato on the Candyland Trail at Angel Fire
    Photo Cred: Ron Cura on a roller in south Foothills


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