Dominic Alei


    Dominic Alei (@Shralp_dom) is no stranger to the outdoors. His passion for mountain sports has taken him all over the country (as well as Canada). Originally from Fresno California, Dominic moved to Santa Fe 8 years ago and is getting noticed not only on the bike trails but on the snow as well. He started Skiing around the time that he moved to Santa Fe. Here is a bit more about Dominic.

    NMMS: What got you into MTB?
    Dominic: I was off training wheels when I was 3 and have loved biking ever since. Mountain Biking gives an me adrenaline and it’s also a way for me to enjoy the outdoors

    NMMS: Who is your favorite riders?
    Dominic: Danny McAskill

    NMMS: Top 5 NM Trails?
    #1 Trash Pit at La Tierra
    #2 Winsor Trail
    #3 Holy Mole in Glorieta
    #4 Jagged Axe in Glorieta
    #5 Atalaya Mountain

    NMMS: What are you riding currently?
    Dominic: I ride a GT Carbon Force Expert 2014.

    NMMS: What are you doing when you’re not on the bike trails?
    Dominic: I love to ski. I ski at Taos Ski Valley every weekend during ski season. I also run cross country.

    NMMS: You’re coolest experience mountain biking?
    Dominic: The craziest thing I have done on a mountain bike is ride A-Line at Whistler Mountain Bike Park which was amazing.

    (NMMS NOTE: ..and for anyone not familiar with this particular trail, here is video of A-Line at Whistler)

    NMMS: When did you first start skiing?
    Dominic: I started skiing when I was 8 years old.

    NMMS: Favorite place to ski in NM?
    Dominic: I love skiing at Taos Ski Valley.

    NMMS: Any other areas you enjoy skiing?
    Dominic: I have gone to Woodward at Copper, Windells, and momentum camps in Whistler, Canada. I can do a backflips now on skis and am confident on all runs.



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