5 Must Hit Trails in NM

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During all my time out on trails, and with all the conversations with out-of-state friends and strangers alike, one question seems to come up over and over again:

…what are the 5 trails I have to hit during my trip to NM?

With so many trails in our state, it’s really difficult to pick just 5, but it’s a question definitely worth asking. So below is our suggested 5 trails to hit whether you are visiting or just want to cross off your list. Keep in mind, this is an on-going list so send us your suggestions to make this a top 10.

1. Ravens Ridge Trail, Santa Fe, NM

Raven’s Ridge Photo Cred: @philip_rivera

2. REM Trail

R.E.M. Trail @philip_rivera

3. Atalaya Trail

Photo Cred: @philip_rivera

4. Tree Springs

Tree Springs in the picture: @tim1.trujillo @ruadhrigh505 @steve_von_d Photo Cred: @lukehill1987

5. Windsor

Windsor Trail



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