JJ Squires


    JJ is no stranger to air, but when it comes to his specialties, he is a jack of all trades. His venture into mountain biking began about 10 years ago when JJ was 12. His dad, who was also into mountain biking before JJ was even born, bought JJ his first mountain bike. Together they went to Aspen Vista to the top of Santa Fe Ski and the rest was history. Since then JJ has been shredding northern New Mexico. Here is a little more about JJ.

    NMMS: Where are you from?

    JJ: Born and raised in beautiful Santa Fe, NM

    NMMS: How old are you?

    JJ: 22 years young

    NMMS: Who is your favorite pro rider?

    JJ: Me? No, not comfortable calling myself pro yet. 😂 probably Aaron Gwin in the dh world and Matt Jones in the freestyle world. Curtis Keene in enduro.

    NMMS: What are your top 5 New Mexico Trails

    1) Jagged Axe, Glorieta
    2) Janker DH, Glorieta
    3) chupacabra, pajarito
    4) Saddleback, Santa Fe
    5) perimeter trail, Los Alamos

    NMMS: What are you riding?

    enduro bike: 2017 Rocky Mountain, Slayer
    Dirt jumper: 2018 Haro, Steele Reserve
    BMX: Cult
    Commuter: 2004 specialized stump jumper hard tail
    XC: (not mine, but I use it all the time for racing) 2012 giant xtc 29 hard tail

    NMMS: Where do you see the sport going in the next few years?
    JJ: Mountain biking and cycling in general has exploded in the last few years. I am always running into new riders on the trails who are absolutely stoked to be riding! In five years I think that stoke will be increased tenfold with more and more riders and more bike specific parks. It’s so exciting!

    Photo Cred: Aaron Lovato

    Photo Cred: Mike Cartier


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